As with the Church of Antioch in the book of Acts, we believe that all believers of Christ are to be equipped for the works of the Kingdom.

Antioch Christian Centre is called to be a training ground where believers are equipped with the Word of God and trained to be prayer warriors before being sent out to fulfill the call of God in their lives.

We are an associate member of The Assemblies Of God Singapore, and is also a part of the Alliance of Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches of Singapore (APCCS).

Antioch Christian Centre


We are called to exalt God, as we manifest His transforming love – to see everyone developed in their spiritual gifts, growing in the character of Christ as we become Kingdom-minded leaders reaching those both in Singapore and beyond.


Our vision is undergirded by having one mandate of God, two anchors in Christ, three stages of growth, four phases of impartations and five engagements as a community in His Kingdom;

One Mandate of God:
To know Him personally

Two Anchors in Christ:
The Truth and the Spirit of God
Three Stages of Growth:
Everyone needs to grow
Everyone should serve
Everyone is a leader
Four Phases of Impartations:
To inspire, to influence, to instruct and to impact
Five Engagements as a Community in His Kingdom:
One Wednesday cell group every month
Two Wednesday night prayer meeting every month
Three Day-Retreat every year
Four Saturday worship services every month
Five-Steps-Approach in studying the Scriptures
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