Our Leadership

Pastor Ace Cher is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Antioch Christian Centre. Having heard the call into full time ministry since he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour during his teens, he has been actively serving in various ministries and churches until the birth of Antioch Christian Centre.

Pastor Ace has a heart for people and he believes in building people and building lives. He is passionate about equipping believers with practical skill sets to study the Word of God when they are on their own, as well as training them to engage in fervent prayer through the various platforms in Antioch Christian Centre.

To counteract the modern day crisis of biblical illiteracy, Pastor Ace has put together a simple Five-Steps-Approach in studying the Scriptures and he desires to share it with those who have a hunger to go deeper into the Word of God.

Check out the interview that Pastor Ace did with AG Times to find out more!

MM33 – His Mandate Our Mission
Church-Planting: Sow. Water. Plant.

2 burdens. 5-Steps-Approach to Self-Study the Scriptures. 4 ā€œiā€ Impartation Approach. What have these got to do with Ps Ace Cher’s Church, @antiochchristiancentre and their church-planting journey? Let’s get Ps Ace to share his heartbeat in this week’s interview.

“Building the Kingdom is our priority. I believe everyone should be trained and developed to be a leader.”